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Taipei con (2nd show, Oct 12, 2008)

Setlist copied from my previous con report here. Song names in kana added to practice my non-existent Japanese.

Love so Sweet (1/2 song)
Oh Yeah!
Kotoba Yori Taisetsu Na Mono 言葉より大切なもの
Life Goes On
Step & Go (1/2 song)
Members introduce themselves in Mandarin
Hip Hop Boogie
Jidai 時代
Yes? No?
Carnival Night Part 2
Niji 虹
Take Me Faraway
La Tormenta 2004
Lucky Man
Hadashi no Mirai ハダしの未來 (1/2 song)
Kaze no Mukou e 風の向こうへ
Kimi no tame ni boku ga iru 君のために僕がいる (sung by Johnny's Juniors)
Truth (1/2 song)
A Day in our Life
Yabai Yabai Yabai
?? edited Oct 12: Ichioku no Hoshi イチオクノホシ thanks to tk3104and mabechid
Sirius シリウス
Hello Goodbye
Introduction of Johnny's Juniors
Introduction of Arashi members
PikaNchi Double
Asu ni Mukatte Hoeru 明日に向かって吠える
Members' thank you speeches in Mandarin
One Love

1st encore:
We Can Make It (1/2 song)
Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi 感謝カンゲキ雨嵐(in Mandarin and Japanese)
Sakura Sake サクラ咲ケ

2nd encore:
Beautiful Days
Gori Muchuu 五里霧中

3rd encore:


The MC:
Started with Sho telling the audience to "sit down please", in English.
They talked about how in the beginning Sho said to the audience in Mandarin 久等了 (been waiting a long time), but no one heard him.
Someone (don't remember who) mentioned something about changes in the weather, and that Taiwan's rainbow is beautiful, and they saw one when they arrived in Taipei on Friday.
Ohno said something I didn't catch, and Ko-san replied 沒有這回事 (there's no such thing).
They went on to talk about how during Yes? No? Sho screwed up the choreography (the part where they line up behind one another, moving their arms). The 4 of them lined up together, with Sho singled out, and the 5 of them did the dance again, to show how Sho's arms were sticking out the wrong way. After that they got Ohno to show everyone the correct way, and Ohno got it wrong too.
Aiba was trying to say 小籠包 (xiao long bao) and couldn't get it right. He kept saying xiao long POW, it was hillarious! Then they said they ate about 300 xiao long bao between the 5 of them this time around. Wow, that's 50 xiao long bao each, which is a lot IMO. We split an order of xiao long bao at Ding Tai Fung (there's 10 per order, so we had 5 each) and that was a lot for 1 sitting already. I wonder if the boys got sick of them by the end...

It ended with Aiba telling the audience to "stand up please", in English again.

Random Tidbits:
Ohno's voice sounded better today. His voice was amazing both days, but yesterday the sound system sucked (although it got better as the show went on), which gave his voice a weird echo and made him sound like a chipmunk. It did that to all the boys' voices but it was more noticeable with Ohno since I'm biased. They probably had the sound system set up in a way that will compensate if they don't sing loud enough but they overcompensated for Ohno's beautiful voice.
During the MJ walk, the staff released too much of the wire, too fast, and Jun had to use his hands to cushion his "fall". I was shocked as I watched the performance - had his hands not touch the ground, he would've hit his head! I'm glad he was OK at the end.

Aiba did 3(?) back handsprings in a row during the member introductions, and fell on the last one.
There was a 3rd encore! The lights came on, the announcement that the concert was over, please exit the arena, etc., kept playing over and over, but the audience refused to leave! They (and myself included) kept chanting "ARASHI" in unison, for a good 5 minutes, until they finally came out. I guess they have a 3rd encore prepared in case the response is overwhelming.Nino was fixing Ohno's suspenders in the beginning, so cute! Jun said this is really the last song (hontou ni, saigo), and he repeated it again in Mandarin (最後一首歌 ), Hero. After that, nobody called out "ARASHI", since we all knew he really meant it when he said it'll be the last encore.

Final Thoughts:

Girls, please don't drag your boyfriends along, unless he's also a fan. A girl's boyfriend was sitting beside us, and he looked so bored. He was sitting for most of the concert, and left before the 2nd encore was finished. Part of me felt sorry for him, since he wasn't a fan and was forced to go to the concert by his girlfriend, but another part of me wanted to smack him since he didn't even try to enjoy the concert. He totally ruined the atmosphere, but the rest of the audience was amazing, which made up for it. It's OK if you're not a fan, but at least try to enjoy yourself. There are lots of people who would've died for your ticket! Instead of going straight into the arena today, we walked outside for a bit, and saw people holding signs asking fans to sell their extra tickets. I wonder if any of them managed to get tickets at the end...

Try to attend an Arashi concert at least once. It doesn't matter if the seats are crappy. You may not be able to see them clearly, but you'll definitely feel the excitement. I've never been to a concert where everyone stands up for the entire concert, and the atmosphere was amazing beyond words. I'm hoping they'll do an Arashi Around America sometime in the near future. That's wishful thinking on my part.

Does anyone know which album/single Ichioku no Hoshi is from? Is it an Arashi song to begin with? I googled it and couldn't find anything on it. It's from the WISH single, which I had all along, but didn't save it in iTunes. Thanks everone!
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