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Translations, scans, etc., are public, while fangirling and RL posts may or may not be f-locked. I like meeting new friends, and I'm pretty easy when it comes to friending - leave a comment here telling me who you are and what we have in common, and I'll most likely add you back. If you randomly add me without commenting, I will not add you back.
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CUT 03.2011 - Aiba pages

Made my sister buy it for me on her way back from Japan. I know they've already been shared, but I haven't seen scans for the 3-page interview, so I thought I'll share mine. It'll be great if someone can translate the interview...

Aiba's gorgeous, isn't he?


Feel free to use for graphics and translations.

Please don't repost, reupload, hotlink or claim as your own.

12 pages, 7z, 36MB (sorry, don't know how to make it smaller)

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random stuff

Happy Valentine's Day Chinese New Year! May the year of the tiger bring everyone good health and happiness.

Loved Arashi's performance on Music Station. I haven't listened to the new songs much, but they're growing on me. Loved how they used CG to make Sho part of the performance. And totally random, but Aiba looked really good.

Stayed up until 12:30am to watch the opening ceremony. Why did she have to butcher the national anthem? It's one thing to sing in your own style, but do that to your own song, not the national anthem. Just sing it the way it is.

The opening ceremony was nicely done, minus the hydraulics glitch at the end. I just hope we won't be remembered for that. *hides head in shame*

Sho's so close, yet so far away. Even if I were to go to Vancouver, it'll be for seeing the Olympics, not a newscaster. I hope he leaves with a good impression of Canada, coz not all Canadian fans are like those crazy ones that chased after his car.
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ohno's drama

I'm so annoyed right now it's not even funny.

First, there's this article in Oriental Daily, a Chinese newspaper, here.

Collapse )

I know Ohno's no angel, but I can't believe they mentioned him and Oshio in the same sentence. Even if Ohno did smoke pot, what Oshio (allegedly) did was much worse.

I'm seeing a lot of wank on Ohno's drama. I don't want to get into it, but I want to put in my two cents. I'm happy Ohno's getting a drama, but disappointed in the genre. I was hoping for something more mature like "Maou", or even a romantic comedy. I know next to nothing about the manga, but after reading the synopsis, I'm a little worried. I mean, his character's a 17-year-old monster who goes to the human world to fight other monsters. He's turning 30 this year! Plus I don't want him to be typecasted into this kind of role in the future. I thought Yatterman turned out fine, but dramas are different from movies. Ohno's a great actor, and I'm sure he'll do his best in it. I'll still watch it, I'm just hoping it'll work out somehow.

And lastly, I hope Chinen's not in it.
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happy aiba day!

Merry Christmas Happy 27th birthday Aiba! I'm technically late, but it's still the 24th here. Wishing you good health and happiness in the upcoming year. You've grown on me this year; I'm starting to appreciate your bakaness and cheerful personality as a result of My Girl, Shukudai-kun, etc. May you never change and continue to be the same cheerful, caring person like you are now.


To you loves, Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. I worked today and will be working again tomorrow *kicks* At least I have boxing day off, which is good since it'll be crazy busy with all the sales and promotions going on. That's the downside of retail. I don't want to ruin the festive mood, so I'll leave it at that. I have some decisions to make, but that'll be a discussion for another day.

Take care!